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President's Message

Greg Price

VUTA President 559-730-7995


Tentative Agreement Highlights - June 01, 2017

(See Full TA)

• 2.5% increase for all bargaining unit members.

• Health Benefits – status quo.

• Adult School gets 2.5% increase and an additional sick day (in recognition of their 207 day contract). Adult School is an automatic reopener for 2018-19.

• Speech Language Pathologist get a revised salary schedule (exhibit H).

• Ed Specialists get an additional plan period for case management (IEP’s, assessments, notifications and meetings).

• New system for job interests. Positions will no longer be posted online. Instead, an interest form will be available so each bargaining member can select jobs in advance by school site, grade-level/subject that may become available in-district. Each VUTA bargaining member will be granted an interview for all selected positions on the job interest form (by school site or grade level/subject). You may decline any interview or job offer without penalty or prejudice. More details to come…

• K-3 class size will be reduced to 28.75 student-teacher ratio for 2017-18 (school site average class enrollment for K-3) and reduced to 27.5 student-teacher ratio for 2018-19 (school site average class enrollment for K-3).

• MOU for Discretionary Day remains in effect through 2019-2020 school year.

Attend a VUSD School Board Meeting! Open session begins at 7:00 pm

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” -Nelson Mandela